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Travels... adventure... explorations...aren't those just beautiful words? Packed with the unknown and so many wonderful things to discover! 

    August 3rd the Miller family (Lavern, Rachel, Joshua, Isaiah, Jared & Sara) packed our bags 💼🎒 and headed west! (Colorado,to be specific) Colorado has been a family favorite and never seems to grow old for us! Our vacation started with a 19.5 hour drive to Colorado! We were stiff and weary ,but the first view of those gorgeous mountains made it all worth it!  ⛰️

    The rest of our trip included a 6 hour hike down Pike's Peak (13 Miles which resulted in many embarrassingly sore legs in the days to follow!) A quick, rainy drive through Garden of the Gods, Mt. Evans, Rocky Mountain National Park and other great sights! We were able to see wildlife, 🦌, beautiful lakes and the Inspiration Point that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write "America the Beautiful" (I can understand now what brought such poetic words to her heart.) 🌲🏔️ Swimming pools were evening highlights and a the hot tubs were glorious on sore muscles!

      As we viewed the rugged,wild mountains of Colorado I was continuously reminded of the song that expressed my heart so well. One line in particular. 🎶"How can I say there is no God  when all around creation calls..."🎶 God's handiwork is so very evident all around us and yet, sometimes, we need a change of scenery to remind us of that...🏔️ 

   We were sad to say goodbye to Colorado,but we all yearn for the familiar comfort of our own beds! 😊

Hiking down Pike's Peak

On top of Mount Evans

Isaiah at Alluvial Fan Falls

Wildlife up Mt. Evans

Jared catching a nap on top of the SUV

Awwww! 😍

Cog Railway view up Pike's Peak

Hello, Colorado!!!🏔️🌲🦌

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