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Chasing Summer

Welcome to Teaberry's very first blog post! We are excited to share a little more insight to our daily lives and the happenings here at Teaberry.

Summer is in full swing here in Middlebury,Indiana. We race for daylight as we try to get everything done. The Flea Market and bus tours sure keep us hopping! oh! but they are such fun! How many people walk through our doors or into our booth each week? What different backgrounds and stories they have to tell! Recently at the flea market in Shipshewana ( where we have booth) I met a man who worked in the Willis Tower in Chicago! How neat! We had gone to the tower once as a family and found it fascinating! Imagine working there everyday! We even went in the glass boxes on the observation deck ( although we couldn't convince Lavern to try it!) =)

Yesterday we had a classic car group come and join in with the bus tour that happened to be at our shop at the same time. We so enjoy checking out all the different cars! When another car group had come to visit, Isaiah even got to ride along in a Corvette!!! His day was made!

Joshua just celebrated his 18th birthday this month on July 4th. (He's our firecracker!) ;) Sara also had a birthday on July 11th. She turned 24 and wasn't all too thrilled about it but Jared had some birthday surprises up his sleeve that made it all worth it!

This week has been filled with vets, shots and vaccinations! Jared and Sara's poor puppy somehow got the ParvoVirus and had to be taken to the animal clinic...The poor dear is in bad shape,but we are praying for a full recovery! Ava (Isaiah's Boston Terrier) and Hailey (Joshua's German Shepherd) were also taken in to get caught up on their shots (just in case!)

Summer evenings are so beautiful around here and often calls our feet to take a walk along the pumpkin vine! Rachel,Lavern and Isaiah went just last evening and sent me this beautiful picture!

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens..." ECC. 3:1

~ The Teaberry Crew

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